• I was hacked and my money was taken out from my wallet. It took the grace of God and the help from Lycan Retrieve to actually get the scammer caught where he was hiding in South Africa. Thanks to lycan my funds was sent back to my account. I really appreciate your efforts.

  • I was scammed when i tried to buy a MAC computer online and i got my bitcoins stolen from me so i quickly reported to Lycan Retrieve after my cousin introduced me to them and with their assistance my bitcoins returned to my wallet.

  • For a while i hated what happened to me and i was ashamed of it not until i saw reviews about those that was able to get back their money all thanks to Lycan Retrieve and i decided to give them a try and you guys didn’t disappoint. My gratitude for a job well done.

  • I invested my money to a fraudulent investment scheme and they started telling me stories when i tried to withdraw. I realized i’m being conned out of my money and i sought the assistance of lycan retrieve and their help got me back my money and back in my coinbase wallet.

  • Excellent service and I will always use you guys anytime I want to run background check on forex companies and other investment platforms. I need to start exposing the fraud they are. Thank you

  • I got engaged with someone online who I thought was real and he claimed to be an oil rig worker so he’s always engaged in his work overseas. I was very stupid to have sent him my money and when he needed help in total of $357,000 and yes I was stupid because I was sending it bit by bit and didn’t know it has totaled to that amount. I reported. to Lycan Retrieve after being introduced to them by my friend and the police were not able to do anything so I decided to give Lycan a try and I’m so impressed. The cybersecurity assigned to me Mr Mark was very kind and explained everything to me before I proceeded. Unlike others that will leave hidden fees Mark didn’t ask me for any money and just proceeded in retrieving my money. Thank you for getting my money back and catching the thief who was actually from Africa Tsk.

  • Binary Options scam nearly drove me to the point of committing suicide when I lost my house and almost started living in the street. I reported to the cops and they introduced me to Lycan retrieve because it was beyond their jurisdiction so they claimed. Since I reported my case here it was success all through and they shared their updates with me all the way till they got my money back into my bank account. God bless you so much

  • I always come on here to see who the real investment companies are because lycan always verify them before you make any investment.

  • People always think they are smart but thanks to Lycan retrieve they look so stupid especially the last scammer that begged me to return his money after you guys recovered it from them. It’s hilarious seeing him beg.

  • I almost lost my family to the scams i fell into but thanks to Lycan retrieve lawyers and their team the scammers were apprehended.

  • I thought my money was gone after the romance scammer stole my pension but thanks to your effort i can smile again.

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